Hey Dan-

I want to tell you, I recieved the lanterns and they are of great construction.
These lanterns are probably the best thing I bought for a long time.
I always wanted the lanterns to work the way you contructed them. I used
them the past weekend on my shoot and I loved them. I'm glad I saw your
ad :)


Dan Borrerro, NYC


My name is Marc Menet and I am a Chicago Area Freelancer. I was on a job the other day with a gaffer named ----- and he pulled out some of your lantern locks. You guys are really onto something. They make rigging a snap. I am interested in purchasing two of the larger units and one of the smaller ones. I think that would qualify me for the free baby holder. Also, did I see that you were offering free ship on first time buyers. Please get back to me with an invoice and I will pay with paypal. Thanks. -Marc

Marc Menet, Chicago

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